Ear Trimming

Safe and Professional Ear Cropping

Safe and Professional Ear Cropping

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Have you been considering getting your pup's ears cropped? Whether for aesthetics or health reasons, ear cropping is a delicate medical procedure that needs to be done by a professional.

Dr. Kiehn at Gore West Animal Hospital has been cropping and trimming dogs' ears for over 50 years. We understand both the risks and benefits of ear cropping and will take all necessary precautions to make sure your dog's ears are trimmed properly.

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Our ear cropping process

At Gore West Animal Hospital, our main focus is on keeping your dog comfortable while in our care. During the ear cropping procedure, we will:

  • Sedate your dog and provide preemptive anesthesia to minimize pain.
  • Properly measure, crop and trim the ear evenly.
  • Monitor your pup post-op until they are alert and ready to go home.

We'll send you home with antibiotics and instructions on how to properly care for your dog's cropped ears. Call now to learn more about our professional dog ear trimming services.